Finally, I got Pagerank!

Finally! It has been a long wait. 🙂 But it’s only a meagre PR of 1! Damn it. 🙁
It’s about time I remove my homepage then. 😉

In a weird way my homepage has received a 1, but the rest a 4. Take for instance the reference or the Google Search category.

Ah well… everyone knows the PageRank is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Yeah right…
When is the TrustRank due?

Update: Oops. It seems there is no pagerank for the rest of the site. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Finally, I got Pagerank!”

  1. The last two websites I launched went from PR0 to PR6 in the first update. What you need are a few high-PR inbound links on authority sites. (see Cure Your Poor Engine Placement).

    Google has been very slow updating PR lately. Count on 2-3 months between updates.

    Don’t buy that “entertainment purposes only” crap. Google really does use PR, and it’s actually important for terms people don’t optimize for (about half the web searches that real people conduct when they look for sites).

  2. Hi Eric,

    That article of yours looks interesting, although I do have some remarks. But, unfortunately I’m in the process of hosing my laptop. It has to go into shop in the morning…

    So maybe I’ll get back on the subject. 🙂

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