ThinkLemon Reset: Part 1 – Bye bye CSS

Article: ThinkLemon Reset Once in a while one’s got to do the opposite. Instead of filling this site with cruft like CSS and scripts, I felt like going back to the roots. Plain ol’ HTML and getting it right, once and for all… *

I don’t know if spring has anything to do with it, but it seems that everyone’s redesigning their site/blog. Instead of getting into the frenzy myself I’ve set my goal at a more basic level. E.g. getting understood by my friendly neigbourhood search-engine indexer and maybe in the process people who don’t/can’t enjoy all the CSS/Script stuffing (screen-readers/PDA’s/Mobile/…).

Where’s this going? I don’t know. I do know that the scripts, div’s and what else I deem unnecessary are up next. 😈
Don’t worry. In due time the CSS/Script will return. Think of it as a live experiment or “Eating my own dogfood“.

* Wishfull thinking in progress

7 thoughts on “ThinkLemon Reset: Part 1 – Bye bye CSS

  1. Sjors

    In other words, you accidentally lost the CSS-file and don’t feel like rewriting the whole damn thing right now.


  2. Caspar Post author

    Allright, just for readability’s sake, and only for readability, I’ve set the text-width to 640px. That’s it as far as CSS concerned for a while.

  3. Jake

    “Old browser detected… switching to text only,” I like that. Other than that, the site looks like crap :-)

  4. Caspar Post author

    @Jake: I altered the ‘text’. Sorry.
    I also uploaded some more updated stuff, but I doubt that anyone, but the W3C validator, notices. So no improvement on the crap front, yet. :-)

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