Watching the sea-level rise, virtually.

Google Maps LogoHere’s an interesting Google Maps implementation: Flood Maps.

What if the sea-level where to rise? .. Because the polar ice-caps are melting at an alarming rate … Would you be able to keep your feet dry? Now you can find out for yourself. (And maybe decide about that piece of real-estate you’ve layed your eyes on. ;-))

As a resident of The Netherlands this is all old news. As I have had virtual wet feet all my live. But still it’s a nice *cough* mashup.

Flood map of The Netherlands

Via Notes of Intelligence

2 thoughts on “Watching the sea-level rise, virtually.

  1. Melissa M

    We are interested in doing more with Google Earth Sea Level Rise Maps for the Eastern Coast of the United States. I need to find out how to do this, or who can help us do this.
    How can I find a Google Earth Expert to help us chart sea level rise in the Southeastern portion of the United States?

  2. Sui Ling

    I am interesting to know where will be Sea level Rise of Map for England Surrey.
    I need to find out as know where about?
    Can you help me do this.
    Which is one properly in Google of search?

    Thank you


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