Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Released

Logo Firefox And another official one down! Less than a week ago Microsoft upped their browser to a 7.0 version. This time it’s the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox is now a 2.0.

Yes, improved tabs, RSS discovery, looks, spell-checker for form-fields with downloadable dictionaries,… Get Firefox. If you dare.

I wonder how many extensions are borked this time. Let me tell ya in a minute…

Update 0:10: Read about it, commented, downloaded (~5MB), blogged about it, installed and blogged about it in 15 minutes flat. I’m happy.

Update 0:30: Lots of extensions are broken, as expected. In no particular order:

  • Add N Edit Cookies
  • Bloglines Toolkit
  • Feedview (Made obsolete by the feed handling of Firefox)
  • Furl Tools (Smell of abandonware)
  • Google Pagerank Status
  • Live HTTP Headers
  • Livelines (Made obsolete by the feed handling of Firefox)
  • SwitchProxy Tool (AAAAaaaaahhhhhh!!!!)

Apart from the SwitchProxy and Furl Tool those are extensions I could live without for a week or so. Now begins the ‘updated/hacked extension hunt’. *sigh*
BTW: Extensions are found under ‘Tools’ > ‘Add-ons’. It took me a little while to figure out.

Update 0:35: I had to disable the FAYT-feature as it borked my WordPress editing screen. But then I had to enable it again after a restart to be able to edit. Weirdness going on.

Update 0:45: Damn it! *Mental note: Do not move your cursor to the right hand corner of Firefox. Just use the red cross on the tab itself.*

Update 6-11-06: I’ve found a hacked version of SwitchProxy for Firefox 2.

Update 11-11-06: Jeremy says his server’s been hacked. Therefore there’s no SwitchProxy update. But you can find his blog at at the mozmonkey subdomain. (The main domain is still unreachable.)

One thought on “Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Released

  1. Yoeri

    As for your extensions, you can install the Nightly Tester extension to disable extension-compatibility checking. I used it to get older extensions working …

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