SEIS database factsheet on TOR

Name: TOR
(internal id: 455)
Country: Sweden
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 62.51667 (decimal)
Longitude: 12.63333 (decimal)
Diameter: 0.02 km
Diameter Min. Est.: 0.02 km
Diameter Max. Est.: 0.02 km
Age: 0.002 ±0.0004 million years
Age Min. Est.: 0.0016
Age Best Est.: 0.002
Age Max. Est.: 0.0024
Age Uncertanty: 0.0004
Age Uncertanty Type:
Remarks: Listed by (Moilanen, 2004) as verified structure; In some references this structure is not confirmed. And it is possible that this structure will be removed also from this list. Diameter of 90 meters offered, but it is incorrect. The crater-like formation is about 20 meters wide. I visited the site in July 2000 and found very little evidences of meteoritic origin of the structure. There is several crater-like structures nearby, but the crater itself has different, deeper topology and it does have a raised rim. Coordinates 62�24'N, 12�42'E has offered for T�nn�s, which is, if I have understand it right, just an other name for Tor, since T�nn�s is a small village next to Tor crater and those coordinates are correct for that village. There seems to be some kind of confusion about Tor and T�nn�s. Since some lists tells that structure in coordinates which are in my main list are for Tor but they also tells that diameter of Tor is 90 meters when the crater in those coordinates are only 20 meters wide. Diameter for T�nn�s has been mentioned to be 20 meters, but coordinates are for the village. - H. Henkel, R. Tiirmaa, �. Fleetwood and G. Blomqvist, "Tor: A postglacial impact crater in northwest H�rjedalen, Sweden", abstracts of Meteoritical Society

Moilanen J. (2004) List of probable and possible impact structures of the World. 29 October 2004.
Is exposed? 0
Is drilled? 0
Class: 2
Updated: 2005-03-01
Compiled By: D. Rajmon

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