Codename: ‘Strippenkaart’

Catching up with my feeds tonight this one caught my eye. Codename: ‘Strippenkaart’. It makes me smile. 🙂 Why?

For non-Dutch this would probably mean nothing. Except for ‘some’ who went to the XTech conference last week. And for those who know there’s a developer preview release of Firefox 1.1 available. So why am I smiling?

Well, the developers of Firefox all went to Amsterdam last week to visit this XTech conference and they chose to name this release ‘Strippenkaart’. A ‘strippenkaart’ is nothing less than a pre-paid public transport ticket. So it is funny, for Dutch, to see something so mundane to be chosen as a codename. Or maybe the Firefox development team were struck in awe with our public transport system… (I think not)

@Firefox developers: I suggest to name Deer Park Alpha 2 ‘Codename: Tankpas’. Or if that doesn’t sound right: ‘Leaseauto’. Just a suggestion. 😉

For more entertaining reviews of The Netherlands take a look at Daniel Glazmans weblog.

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