Tagzania – Tagging the planet

Someone must have thought: “What’s cool these days? Flickr, del.icio.us, tagging, folksonomy, Google Maps, RSS, KML, … What if I combined these?” Enter Tagzania. Geotagging using the Google Maps API. Or as they put it:

Tagzania Logo

Tagzania is about tags and places. If you register and log in, you can add places, points, to create and document your maps. When you add a point, you may tag it with keywords. That way, Tagzania is not only a place to build and keep your own maps, shared territories are created as well.

For an example see my map (RSS) (KML).

(Thanks Tijs)

Author: Caspar

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2 thoughts on “Tagzania – Tagging the planet”

  1. Just found you while doing corporate egosurfing. Thanks for your comment. Not pictures yet, so we didn’t outsmart Flickr for the moment 😉 But more feature will come, there’s no lack of ideas.

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