GMail down?

Funny to notice this. It’s a free service. You know they know everything about you by scanning your e-mail. There are/were dozens of alternatives. But still you get upset when it’s not working.
In other words: “How dependant are you on something that’s free?”

During the day I noticed GMail was a little flakey. I somehow attributed that to the network today, because it was not only GMail being flakey. But I’ve seen the below message more than enough.

Google Down

Makes you wonder. What on earth is happening at ‘GooglePlex’. Did Larry have enough of it and re-signed up for a Hotmail account? Did Serge spill his coffee? Anyway, I haven’t seen an outage like this from Google in quite a while.
Makes you hope you don’t see this in the morning headlines: “GMail inboxes hacked by mega-spammer.”

(All I wanted to do was send this ‘important’ document. ;-))

Added: I see a clear breach of policy here: “… users may not: Interfere with other Gmail users’ enjoyment of the Service“. I reckon all Google employees a first hour user, so why are they getting away with spoiling my enjoyment? 🙂

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