ThinkLemon in *Alpha* stage 3: TO-DO list

Now that I’ve taken some days off between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, this is a good time to look at and think about this site. Since May I started some things that are still unfinished. Not to mention the things I haven’t even begun with. Just to keep track on all of it, a to-do list would be nice. And in this day and age of blogging: Why not make it public? So there you go.

ThinkLemon in Alpha

  1. Find a graphic to go along this post.
  2. Design an identity for this site.
  3. Apply new design to MediaWiki skin & document the process for others.
  4. Upgrade Google Sitemaps for MediaWiki to version 0.3
  5. Expand the site. Give it more direction. Fill in the gaps. Weed out the bad.
  6. Upgrade the software used. Find out if others need upgrading.
  7. Google Earth Charts…
  8. Rethink past year & plan the next. (Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes ;-))
  9. Get personal (start an ‘about’, give this site a face).
  10. Write stories instead of blurbing news.
  11. Social obligations…
  12. Write about WebDev with Firefox (long due). Tools for fixing your site.
  13. Rethink/-order categories.
  14. Find out whether OPML has any use here.
  15. Evaluate all the statistical stuff
  16. Do some blog-rolling
  17. Photocasting?

* in no particular order.

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WordPress 2.0

Oh no, another upgrade. Now I’ve got one more thing to add to my to-do-list this holiday. 🙁 🙂
Download WordPress 2.0

*Add to to-do: Call bosses to ask for another week off. 😉

Update: Although there have been some reviews/critiques up, Matt himself has posted a lengthy post highlighting the … ehr … highlights in WordPress 2.0. Personally I find WP2 despite its new caching feature(s) a lot slower presenting pages. I haven’t figured out whether that is WPs fault or the servers.

Performancing for Firefox

I’m giving Performancing for Firefox a go, because Asa thinks it’s ‘kick ass’. We’ll see about that!

Already crashed one time. But whether that’s because of a combination of this blog-tool, SpellBound and/or my online banking transaction in one go. Maybe…

By the way: This isn’t the only in-browser 3rd party blogging tool I’ve seen. In fact, Google’s Blogger Web Comments for Firefox extension does it as well. Albeit limited to only.

So, run spell-check… (It doesn’t recognize Firefox…. ;-))
Now, ‘Publish To: ThinkLemon

The Orange Icon, part 2

Feed Icon Microsoft has decided. The feed indicator in IE 7 is still orange!
Most surprisingly it’s the same one that Firefox has. Well, not so much of a surprise, because it was the Mozilla foundation who kindly ‘donated’ it:

Thanks again to the Mozilla team for making the icon available and helping us do the right thing for all browser users.

It’s a good thing there’s some in-browser ‘standardisation’ on the RSS/Atom/Feed front. But what about those orange XML/RSS/Atom chicklets everywhere? How about some standardisation there? Maybe in conjunction with the above mentioned icon? Like so? Feed Chicklet

Other december 9 surprises

Besides the release leakage of GE for Mac. take-over
Like Yahoo! taking hold of Just as LookSmart did with Furl.
Update: The take-over sounds a little strange to me as Yahoo! was working on it’s own with their My Web 2.0 BETA. Which can save ‘personal’ pages and tag them. We’ll see where this goes…

Portable Firefox
Portable Firefox is ‘dead’, long live Great initiative John! 🙂
Now if you ever did care to walk around with your browser, office suite, media player, image editor, OS, *whatever you want*, on a USB Stick? take a look at this site. Most of it is *geek* stuff, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless.
BTW @John, did you ever have a chat with Bart Lagerweij? It seems to me you are both working in the same direction.

Google Earth Mac Beta

Google Earth Beta After an evening of trying out the non-public beta of Google Earth for Mac OS X I must say… YES! Finally. 🙂
I, and a lot of Mac owners, have been eager to run this piece of software on a Mac. And now we can. Not officially, because the download page at still mentions Apple Macintosh computers are not supported at this time (but we are working on it).

And they definitely are working on it. See the screenshot below.

Google Earth on Mac OS X

All I can say right now, is:

  1. It works. On my iBook 12″ (Tiger inSideTM) I can spin and zoom the Globe quite happily without resorting to *hacks*, Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktops, etc.
  2. It’s buggy. It froze on me a couple o’ times. With all the options turned up, it hampers. A DirectX option on OS X???? Polygons are garbled. The app icons look like s… Images in popups don’t seem to work. And there’s probably more.
  3. It’s NOT finished. So it is not expected to work YET! DO NOT COMPLAIN it is a non-public beta that happened to leak. Otherwise Google would’ve made publicly available.
  4. It’s great. If you get motion-sickness too easily, don’t mess with the scroll-pad. 😉
  5. This apps Useragent is ‘GoogleEarthMac/LT3.1.0371.0’. So the ‘network link’ people know now.
  6. It’s a first for Google! As in: A first major software ‘leak’. A first major application on OS X (GMail Notifier was an excercise).
  7. Compatibility? You’ll probably need a current (hefty) Apple product with the latest OS (X) and patches. But we’ll know for sure once they release it.

So how do YOU obtain a working version?

You’ll have to wait a little longer! Google is working on it. How long? Maybe a few days or months.

Update: It’s here. Go get it from Google!

Sidenote: If you manage to install GE on a Mac. You may want to look at some spectacular impact craters on Earth’s surface. Download the kmz’s and open them in GE. Enjoy! 🙂

Update: Stefan from has been asked nicely by the Google people to take down the download links. He also has a more in-depth review of GE on Mac OS X. I haven’t gotten any comment from Google, yet.

Google Earth for Mac OS X around the corner…

Or is it??? I’ve blogged about it before. Well, it was more a kind of ‘wishing out loud‘. But just yet the Google Earth fairy brought me a package. It looks, smells and tastes like a Mac app. Unfortunately I’m at work and my Mac is at home. So I cannot be sure.

A quick look around the package which bears the version number 3.1.0371.0 looks genuine enough. Whether somebody is pulling a prank, tries to make my Mac a bot or gave me an early Christmas gift I cannot tell at this point. Still have to finish off half a days work, rush home, eat and then, only then, start her up. 🙁
Think I’ll fake an upcoming flu. *cough* 😉

AppleInsider has the scoop (and the screenshot) to back this up. All I can say: “I’ll get back on this…” Can’t wait to get home.

Note: No official word from Google yet.

Update (23:00 GMT+1): Well, it works! 🙂