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  • Viewing WAP sites with Firefox

    In a follow up to my previous post about RSS2WAP I got curious. Is there a Firefox extension available that would enable me to view WAP sites? Well, yes there is! The wmlbrowser extension makes Firefox a fully-fledged WAP-browser. (See screenshot of the CitiWiz WAP site to the right) Although every mobile device will present […]

  • Safe browsers don’t exist. True.

    According to David Sheets they don’t. He has written a column about the safety of browsers. And I think he’s right. Partialy… Safe browsers do NOT exist. Agreed. Just as bug-free software doesn’t exist. How hard you try, there is always a funny/strange/malicious kind of input possible, putting your normal day of business off. Due […]

  • Favorite browser?

    Yesterday I furled a CNET article which declared Mozilla Firefox victorious. Ok, ok, firefox won from contenders like IE, Opera & Netscape (8). All of which I didn’t suit me. Here’s the real story. I’ve been using IE ever since IE3. Why? Well, I’ve won a cd-rom with IE3 along with a videotape of ‘The […]

  • Netscape 8 released

    Apparently the latest version of the Netscape browser, version 8, was released thursday. I don’t know if it’s any good. It has the ability to show webpages like IE or Mozilla Firefox does. Whichever you prefer. So when you get stuck on a page you can switch to ‘IE’. I think I’ll just stick to […]