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  • WebDesign according to Google

    Just take a look at the first page at Google. There are 7 million hits and all the links on the first page stink. 🙁 How come? Is it the most abused keyword? 😕

  • A decade of WebDev.

    What did people do before there was the internet? Well, they … uhm… well there was tv and board games. You had to do stuff using pen (as opposed to an ink-cartridge) and paper. And I think you physically went to a store to buy stuff. But seriously, the World Wide Web (does anyone call […]

  • Turning off the ‘friendly HTTP error messages’ in Firefox

    By accident I stumbled upon this Firefox somewhat equivalent of IE’s ‘Show friendly HTTP error messages’ option. Any webdeveloper should have this turned off by default. How else will you know what the problem is? So here’s how to do it: Open up a new tab (CTRL+T) or window (CTRL+N). Type in de addressbar: about:config. […]

  • Usability Week 2005 San Francisco

    This week, from June 20 till 25, the Nielsen Norman Group is holding a conference on usability in San Francisco. This is the last in a series of conferences which were held in New York, Stockholm and London. The Usability Week 2005 Conference is: Usability Week 2005 takes you beyond the typical conference experience, offering […]

  • The end of IE 5

    I’ve given up on IE 4 and Netscape 4 a while ago. Meaning I won’t do anything extra for them anymore. They’ll just have to take the page as-is, no unnecessary or fatal script errors though, but that’s where it ends. If it doesn’t work or looks horrible, too bad. So how about IE 5? […]

  • What font will we choose next for our site?

    Webdesigners have been limited in their choice of fonts for quite some time now. Who doesn’t use Arial, Verdana, Courier, Helvetica, etc. The list isn’t very long as opposed to print designers. I think about 99% of all sites use Arial/Verdana/Helvetica/or a combination, although I’ve seen the use of Tahoma and “Trebuchet MS” rising. (NO, […]

  • What do search engines see in my page?

    Search engines are your ultimate blind visitors. They don’t see JavaScript, stumble over framesets, ignore CSS, feel around HTML-tags and leave them alone, choke on Flash. All they really want to see is content. And that content is plain text. Text that can be indexed, weighed, stored, chunked, ranked & retrieved. Or whatever it is […]

  • IE 7 around the corner…

    Looking back at my blog I see that I post a lot about Firefox. But there is another browser around that is even more popular. Yes, Internet Explorer! Unfortunately IE6 has been around since 2001(?) and hasn’t been updated since. Apart from the occasional Service Pack or Security Update, IE6 has basically remained the same […]

  • Lorem Ipsum Dolor

    No this isn’t a fake post. It’s something almost every designer (web or print) out there uses as a placeholder for text in his/her design. But using the same text over and over again can get a little boring. How many headings can you see starting with Lorem ipsum? Fortunately some people have made fake-content […]