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  • Google Page Creator (Beta of course)

    Normally I wouldn’t blog about yet another new Google product release. Now would I? 😉 Hey, I’m not the Googleblog you know. But this time they’ve released a product that lets my mother create webpages in no-time, although I doubt if anyone’s waiting for another bridge-site. (Sorry mom. :-)) So what is it? It’s an […]

  • Internet Explorer 7: Beta 2 Preview available

    It’s public! So if you want to have a go take a look at the Internet Explorer 7 website. But before you do so, also take a look at the IEBlog: IE7 Beta 2 Preview Available Please send us your feedback on the IE7 Beta 2 Preview Please test your sites with IE7 Frequently Asked […]

  • Olympic Imagery 2006

    The Winter Olympics 2006 in Turin are going to break loose some time next week. In case you didn’t know. In any case I just found out about the new ‘identity’ of The Games. Poynter Online is running a small story about the visual identity: Knowing Your Audience: Lessons from Olympic Imagery Where the story […]

  • Google Code: Web Authoring Statistics

    Over at Google Code they ran a survey, in December 2005, looking at a couple of webpages trying to find out which elements and their respective attributes are used most. And more importantly how they are used. We took a sample of slightly over a billion documents, and looked at what elements were used on […]

  • Which Browsers matter in 2006?

    If you are planning to build or rebuild a site this year you may wonder at some point which browsers you should support. If not, you should! Just looking at your new design in IE 6 is no guarantee it works and behaves the same in any other browser. Not that long ago the browser […]

  • The Orange Icon, part 2

    Microsoft has decided. The feed indicator in IE 7 is still orange! Most surprisingly it’s the same one that Firefox has. Well, not so much of a surprise, because it was the Mozilla foundation who kindly ‘donated’ it: Thanks again to the Mozilla team for making the icon available and helping us do the right […]

  • Yahoo! Local Maps Beta

    Yahoo! Maps is offering a Beta version which is based on Flash! – shock & horror – What were they thinking? 😉 I do like it. It’s snappy, looks good and simply works. (hearing that MS?) Go see the Yahoo! Maps Beta for yourself. For instance check out the ubiquitous “Pizza in Redmond” sample. Hover […]

  • The Orange Icon..

    You know the one that signals a webfeed (formerly known as RSS or Atom). Over at Microsoft they’re pondering what new icon they should pick. Mind you, this single icon will be viewed by millions of upcoming IE 7 users. So all you usability guru’s, web designer, graphic designers, … if you have an alternative […]

  • Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta vs Web Developer toolbar extension

    “Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery.” Or so they say. But I don’t know if this holds true when the imitating party is… Microsoft. Sorry Chris, it’s about time to move on to greener pastures. 😉 Why the sarcasm? Well, Microsoft released a beta of their Developer Toolbar for Internet Explorer. So? Well, that’s what […]

  • PocketMod: Not everything needs to be digital

    Why should you need a several hundred dollar/euro pocket organiser that’ll last for just one day on batterypower? Why not rethink paper? It’s been used for a few hundred years and still going strong. If you accidently drop or sit on it the interface it’s still readable and writable. No need to go look for […]