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  • Pizza in Europe?

    Lately there has been some news surrounding Google Maps. As a result I’m obliged to sum things up. ThinkLemon style, surely. First, it was called Google Maps (beta), then Local, and now Maps again. Probably because everyone was calling it Maps anyhow. The Google Blog explains more. Second, Maps has expanded to continental Europe. Finally […]

  • Google Code: Web Authoring Statistics

    Over at Google Code they ran a survey, in December 2005, looking at a couple of webpages trying to find out which elements and their respective attributes are used most. And more importantly how they are used. We took a sample of slightly over a billion documents, and looked at what elements were used on […]

  • WordPress 2.0 Cache Is Broken!

    As of version 2.0 of WordPress you’ll get a caching feature, which means it’ll ‘remember’ the most frequent accessed static information from your blog. This way it’s supposed to not bother the database but make a ‘fast trip’ to the server to fetch these pieces of info. In the end this should make your weblog […]

  • Google Earth for Mac, download now

    It’s official! Google Earth for the Mac is here. While Google Earth for the PC was stripped off its beta status, they’ve also released the Mac version. You’ll need OS X 10.4 and up (see the requirements). Get Google Earth for Mac (or PC) Read the official anouncement and Stefan from Ogle Earth already has […]

  • Is WordPress 2.0 that sluggish?

    Directly after upgrading this weblog, little over a week ago, I felt it was a little bit sluggish. Compared to the 1.5 version I was running before. Maybe it could be just the webserver as I’m running on a shared hosting solution. Therefore one of the neighbours could be having a party… again. 🙁 But […]

  • The Orange Icon, part 2

    Microsoft has decided. The feed indicator in IE 7 is still orange! Most surprisingly it’s the same one that Firefox has. Well, not so much of a surprise, because it was the Mozilla foundation who kindly ‘donated’ it: Thanks again to the Mozilla team for making the icon available and helping us do the right […]

  • Other december 9 surprises

    Besides the release leakage of GE for Mac. take-over Like Yahoo! taking hold of Just as LookSmart did with Furl. Update: The take-over sounds a little strange to me as Yahoo! was working on it’s own with their My Web 2.0 BETA. Which can save ‘personal’ pages and tag them. We’ll see […]

  • Google Earth Mac Beta

    After an evening of trying out the non-public beta of Google Earth for Mac OS X I must say… YES! Finally. 🙂 I, and a lot of Mac owners, have been eager to run this piece of software on a Mac. And now we can. Not officially, because the download page at still mentions […]

  • Google Earth for Mac OS X around the corner…

    Or is it??? I’ve blogged about it before. Well, it was more a kind of ‘wishing out loud‘. But just yet the Google Earth fairy brought me a package. It looks, smells and tastes like a Mac app. Unfortunately I’m at work and my Mac is at home. So I cannot be sure. A quick […]

  • No Christmas for Sony

    They have been very naughty this year 👿 What you say? BoingBoing started an online banner protest I happen to agree with. 🙂 Read all about the Sony DRM debacle on Mark Russinovich’s blog. There, I’ve done my good deed this year. Now can I have a PlayStation XBox 360?