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  • Firefox 1.5 released

    YES!!! The long awaited sequel is here. Get the official update of Firefox. It’s available on Windows, OS X, Linux and some 20 odd language versions. 20 times 3 makes 60, not? See all versions. This release comes with a revamped preference panel, tabbed browsing enhancements, loads of bugfixes, faster back- and forward, … in […]

  • Animated shorts

    I love ’em! Especially the CGI kind. Having some experience with 3D apps, I know how time- and resource-consuming it is to make a perfect animation. Not to mention the skills needed. (Allright, stop-animation with clay is harder. Sorry Gromit. But I hear … they’re also turning to computers to speed up the workflow. Heresy, […]

  • Firefox: “The choice of criminals”

    If I may quote the ‘Alternative browsers pose challenge for cybersleuths‘ article by C|Net: Internet Explorer hides nothing from police and other investigators who examine PCs to discover which sites the user has visited, according to a class held Wednesday at the annual training meeting of the High Tech Crime Investigation Association. Investigators know the […]

  • Yahoo! Local Maps Beta

    Yahoo! Maps is offering a Beta version which is based on Flash! – shock & horror – What were they thinking? 😉 I do like it. It’s snappy, looks good and simply works. (hearing that MS?) Go see the Yahoo! Maps Beta for yourself. For instance check out the ubiquitous “Pizza in Redmond” sample. Hover […]

  • Let’s make the Google API an open standard.

    Here’s a good idea: An open message to Microsoft and Yahoo, and major implementors of search engines: Please clone the Google API, without the limits.

  • Google Personalised Homepage getting more personal

    What didn’t deliver is what Google is taking a step further already. A Google Personalised Homepage in your native language with ‘local’ information sources. ‘Aboot’ the announcement: While Seattle’s pretty close, I’d prefer to have the actual weather for Victoria — and have it in Celsius. Now I can, because today we expanded the […]

  • Windows Live Beta. Don’t bother…

    As the rest of the world is doing right now, I was going to drop my two cents on the new Windows Live Beta. But in this context Beta means Broken. Severely! It doesn’t work in Firefox, but worse, it also borks in IE. If you ask me, it’s a rush job. Because the hotshots […]

  • Web Two Point Oh!

    Here’s some easy money. Web Two Point Oh! creates a VC friendly Web 2.0 company just for you. Too bad it doesn’t automatically register domain names and/or send out business plans to VC’s. Maybe version ‘two-point-oh’ will? Just to let everyone know… Yahtix is mine and I’ll be doing tag-based collaborative document editing via instant […]

  • Google Earth: Impact Structures Continued

    It has been over a month since I’ve released the first ‘impact structures’ network link for Google Earth, showing you the top 25 largest impact craters on earth. And it has been quite succesfull. (It’s in the top 3 most requested items off So, after the release of ‘impact structures by continent‘ it’s now […]

  • Google Maps on your site. The easy way!

    So you’re quite taken with all the mapping tools around. Everyone, and their mothers, has a nice ‘maplet’ on their blog. And now you want one too. (If not? Imagine that you want one too…) Your option(s) untill now: Choose an API like the Google Maps or Virtual Earth API, read up on the documentation, […]