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  • Yahoo! Site Explorer Beta

    Site Explorer Beta is open for public: Why is this search different? Site Explorer allows you to explore all the web pages indexed by Yahoo! Search. View the most popular pages from any site, dive into a comprehensive site map, and find pages that link to that site or any page. Now if someone can […]

  • EyeToy Kinetic

    What do you get if you combine Sony(‘s PlayStation) with Nike? Eyetoy Kinetic: A mind, body & soul work-out. So no more excuses for the game addicted couch potatoes. 😉

  • Google Earth: Impact Structures Goodness

    Impact KML Downloads: Impact Structures Top 25 African Impact Structures Asian Impact Structures Australian Impact Structures European Impact Structures North American Impact Structures South American Impact Structures A few of you noticed that I’ve released some more impact structures/craters for your enjoyment in Google Earth. For those who don’t… I’ve released all 172 impact structures […]

  • Firefox 1.0.7 released

    According to the release notes: Firefox 1.0.7 is a security and stability release. We strongly recommend that all users upgrade to this latest version. This version includes several security and stability fixes, including a fix for a reported buffer overflow vulnerability and a fix for a Linux shell command vulnerability. Get Firefox On a sidenote. […]

  • Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta vs Web Developer toolbar extension

    “Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery.” Or so they say. But I don’t know if this holds true when the imitating party is… Microsoft. Sorry Chris, it’s about time to move on to greener pastures. 😉 Why the sarcasm? Well, Microsoft released a beta of their Developer Toolbar for Internet Explorer. So? Well, that’s what […]

  • Opera giving away their browser for free

    You could have gotten a free copy of Opera on their 10th birthday already. But if you’ve missed that opportunity there’s some great news from Norway. Opera announced today it will be offering Opera for free! No more ad-banners and licensing fees. They will only charge you money for Premium Support. “Today we invite the […]

  • Commercial ads inside Google Earth

    Here’s something I noticed lately. Advertisement through placemarks. I saw a few of these placemarks passing by on What struck me was that they are blatant commercial placemarks. Whether they were put together by GE enthousiasts or not. A few examples: Youthhostel YMCA Hong Kong Which states phonenumber and roomrates. Bungy Jumping Golden Eye […]

  • Google Blogsearch & Webfeeds

    At first look there are no orange XML/RSS chicklets in Google Blogsearch. But if you look at the bottom of the page just above the pagination there’s this line where you can subscribe to either an Atom or RSS feed for the search results. E.g.: “Thinklemon” search results in Atom and “Thinklemon” search results in […]

  • Google Blogsearch

    Google launched a dedicated blog search engine today. You can read the FAQ here. It seems that Google also uses the engine for their free Blogger weblog service. Which makes me wonder how they will sift out the splogs, as Blogger is/was not willing to take down spam/autogenerated/offensive weblogs. Of course it’s beta. Need I […]

  • Google Earth: Impact Structures Top 25 (was 10)

    And here it is! My first public experiment with Google Earth. Some time ago I stumbled upon the Earth Impact Database. A table with all 172 confirmed impact structures on earth’s surface. Putting one and two together I figured it would be nice to see those impact structures visualised inside GE. I also figured it […]