Yahoo! Finance & Corporate Egosurfing

Yahoo! Finance now offers Company News via RSS. Great for some Corporate Egosurfing. 🙂

Just go to the Yahoo! – Company News via RSS page, enter your stock symbol or symbols and cut & paste the generated feed in your aggregator of choice.

See also: Corporate Egosurfing, or how to get market info for free.

MSN Virtual Earth Beta

MSN SearchMSN could not stay behind longer so they released their own Google Maps called MSN Virtual Earth. Both can display maps and/or satellite imagery. Both offer ‘local search’. Both use somewhat of the same navigation tools. But IMHO it’s not the ‘Google killer’ yet, but see for yourself.

Pizza in Redmond: Virtual Earth vs. Google Maps
Pubs in Baltimore: Virtual Earth vs. Google Maps

Notice that Virtual Earth does not automatically center itself on search results. It’s quite annoying, having to pan & zoom manually and in the process having your resultset re-updated.

BTW: They both use NAVTEQ maps. Although, MSN’s has a copyright of 2004. Are they using older maps than Google?
Oh and Europe is still ‘Terra Incognito’ …

Thanks Webdrain as I completely missed the news yesterday. 😉

Revelations part 1

What a day!

First there will be no Firefox 1.1. Nope. Instead they decided to skip 1.1 and go for 1.5 at once. Well it actually still is 1.1 but the features warrant a 1.5 bump up. Are you following me still? 1.1 = 1.5, 1.5 = 2.0 and 2.0 = 3.0. Anyway, no real update untill september, or so they say…

Then there’s the news of the new name for Longhorn, the next Windows. It will be called, brace yourself…, Windows Vista. Come on! SP1 = Buena Vista, SP2 = Social Club?

The world must be coming to an end…

Using Furl for almost a year.

Furl logoI’ve been using Furl for almost a year now. In fact it was Jul 23, 2004 at 23:13:58 GMT that I ‘furled’ my very first furl: Furl – How to Save. Using it on a daily basis, I collected some 500+ interesting, funny, need-to-know, nice-to-know or what-else public links. Not much compared to others, but still a respectable number nonetheless. 🙂

So what have I been hamstering this past year? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

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Finally, I got Pagerank!

Finally! It has been a long wait. 🙂 But it’s only a meagre PR of 1! Damn it. 🙁
It’s about time I remove my homepage then. 😉

In a weird way my homepage has received a 1, but the rest a 4. Take for instance the reference or the Google Search category.

Ah well… everyone knows the PageRank is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Yeah right…
When is the TrustRank due?

Update: Oops. It seems there is no pagerank for the rest of the site. 🙁

IE’s dead, hail the new King!

… and the new king is ‘Longhorn‘!

Well, not exactly, it’s RSS!

I’ve watched the video, scanned Technorati, clicked on TechCrunch, taken a look at the IE Blog, re-visited C|Net, shivered at the Creative Commons Blog, read the last Gnomedex’r story, …

What’s left? I say, Redmond got the idea late in the game. But as usual they took a run with it. Not in a bad sense! It’s just… too overwhelming.

The team formerly known as the IE team apparently renamed itself The RSS team. And they’re considering promoting RSS to be the main glue in the new upcoming Windows. … I’ve got to let this sink in. Amazon wishlists, sorting feeds, OS handling of feeds, RSS aware applications OS, all application use ‘Common Feed List’, Microsoft doing a Creative Commons Share Alike, …

Let’s not forget, it’ll be available officially in 2007. So what does it mean now? I don’t know. What I’m sure of. I got to take a different look at RSS and enclosures.

To Watch: Microsoft to Add Ordered List support in RSS?

Microsoft has a history of inventing proprietary things. So when I found this announcement on C|Net I was a bit sceptical at first.

What’s the deal? It appears Microsoft will announce an extension to RSS (2.0?) today at Gnomedex for a better support of ordered lists in feeditems. Big deal! Everybody is putting lists in their feeds already. Why need an extension?

Here’s the catch. Dave Winer has posted about it on his blog on wednessday and he was somewhat impressed. So maybe there might be something interesting in the Microsoft offer? We’ll see today.

(via The RSS Weblog)

BTW: Maybe we’ll see a glimpse of the upcoming IE 7 today when Microsoft reveal their plans today?
BTW2: Maybe Winers interest is fueled by his Instant Outliner?

Google Maps expands to Europe, needs to learn more…

Finally Google Maps expands to Europe. First there was the UK and now the rest of the continent. 🙂

BUT! 🙁

I always had a hunch that Americans weren’t too involved in European geography. Especially the smaller countries. No problem there, but I would expect from Google to check and double-check their facts first. Take a look at this picture. (NO, it isn’t Photoshopped)

Google Maps Europe

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Left Click on the map and drag to the left a few times (Europe is on the right…)
  3. Just take a look at the country next to the UK. What’s that spelled?