Technorati out of beta

TechnoratiIt seems that Technorati is out of beta. If you go to Technorati, the ubiquitous RSS/Feeds search engine, you’ll see a totaly revamped lay-out. Sure, it was visitable on for some time now. But somebody threw the switch tonight.

In Short:

  • Improved the user experience
  • More Tags-stuff
  • More powerful advanced search features
  • More personalization
  • New Watchlist capabilities
  • Removal of duplicat entries
  • And some performance improvements

That’s quite a list. 🙂

More info about the new Technorati here.

: Oh and for those in the vicinity of San Francisco *wink wink nudge nudge*. There is a Technorati party going on wednesday.

Codename: ‘Strippenkaart’

Catching up with my feeds tonight this one caught my eye. Codename: ‘Strippenkaart’. It makes me smile. 🙂 Why?

For non-Dutch this would probably mean nothing. Except for ‘some’ who went to the XTech conference last week. And for those who know there’s a developer preview release of Firefox 1.1 available. So why am I smiling?

Well, the developers of Firefox all went to Amsterdam last week to visit this XTech conference and they chose to name this release ‘Strippenkaart’. A ‘strippenkaart’ is nothing less than a pre-paid public transport ticket. So it is funny, for Dutch, to see something so mundane to be chosen as a codename. Or maybe the Firefox development team were struck in awe with our public transport system… (I think not)

@Firefox developers: I suggest to name Deer Park Alpha 2 ‘Codename: Tankpas’. Or if that doesn’t sound right: ‘Leaseauto’. Just a suggestion. 😉

For more entertaining reviews of The Netherlands take a look at Daniel Glazmans weblog.

Firefox is Product of the Year 2005

PC World published their ‘The 100 Best Products of 2005‘ and made Mozilla Firefox the Product of the Year:

WEB BROWSER (Free) Let the browser wars begin anew: This open-source program is streamlined, customizable, and just plain better. No wonder it has attracted millions of users in just a few months. Is it merely a coincidence that Microsoft finally plans to give the aging Internet Explorer the major overhaul it has needed for years?

Don’t forget to check out the other 100 best of breed. 😉