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  • Hell hasn’t frozen over, yet…

    I know Apple didn’t mind if anyone were to install Windows (XP) on their new Intel Macs. But actively making it feasible by themselves? Apple – Boot Camp: More and more people are buying and loving Macs. To make this choice simply irresistible, Apple will include technology in the next major release of Mac OS […]

  • “Sanka, you dead?”

    “Ya man.” 😉 (Cool Runnings, 1993) Why such a post-title, you ask? For one I haven’t updated the site for a while. Well, I haven’t posted in a while, been doing some behind-the-scenes-stuff though (fixed the 404, changed the background, updated to WP 2.0.2, positioned some impact craters, etc.). So it’s about time for a […]

  • Google Earth: Suspected Earth Impact Sites March 2006 update (KML)

    The IFSG released a new database containing all the known suspected earth impact craters. I could not stay behind and updated the collection for Google Earth. Download the March 2006 edition of the SEIS database (200KB KML). So if you happen to discover some craters yourself, now you can check if it’s in the collection […]

  • Photoshop + Fireworks: Where to from here?

    John Nack on Adobe: Photoshop + Fireworks: Where to from here?: Now that Adobe and Macromedia have come together, we’re busily planning our next moves, and it would be great to get your input. If you’re a webdesigner/-developer this is an interesting read. Lots of thought for food here. (BTW, John Nack is the Senior […]

  • Extend Firefox Contest Winners

    The grand prize winners of the Extend Firefox competition are in. One of them is the one I use on a daily basis. In fact it’s the biggest reason why I’m using Firefox as my main browser. Props to Chris! 🙂 But IMHO the Web Developer toolbar is only usefull for us web developers (and […]

  • Maps & Directions

    The latest addition to the online mapping frenzy comes from none other than (that search engine that fired its card-bored butler remember?). At you can find maps and directions. A first glance may remind you of that other mapping solution. But … this one is aware of roads in the rest of the […]

  • @Fred: Trackbacks vs. Pingbacks

    The thought did pass my mind to clear up the confusion about trackbacks and pingbacks. But ‘Doe Niet Zo Moeilijk!‘ (Warning: Naidurlands gesproiken! ;-)) has an elaborate explanation for the taking. Although it doesn’t seem to take track-/pingbacks itself… Anyway, I thought I’d just ping you back. 😉

  • Google Page Creator (Beta of course)

    Normally I wouldn’t blog about yet another new Google product release. Now would I? 😉 Hey, I’m not the Googleblog you know. But this time they’ve released a product that lets my mother create webpages in no-time, although I doubt if anyone’s waiting for another bridge-site. (Sorry mom. :-)) So what is it? It’s an […]

  • What’s it gonna be?

    I’ve been looking at this ‘Future Pagerank’ for some days now: ❓ What’s it gonna be? A PR 6? Level off on a PR 5? Or a penalty on a PR 1? I can’t tell from all the datacenters dancing around. Looks more exciting than an Olympic ice-dancing final. 😛 Anyway, Matt Cutts is awfully […]

  • PocketMod, Hipster PDA or Ductster PDA

    The PDA* market is becoming quite competitive it seems. Once a small niche, it looks to be ready for main-stream. There have been no mergers, buy-outs or busts … yet. But hey, it’s still an emerging market. Here’s the short-list: PocketMod: The Free Disposable Personal Organizer: Nice pocket-sized, folding design, but takes a while to […]