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  • Google Earth for Mac, update (3.1.0617.0)

    The PC version of Google Earth has been out of beta for some time. The first beta of GE for the Mac was released around the same time. And now we have an update. 🙂 First look tells me it solved a few bugs with the previous beta. Icons are showing, polygons are showing, it’s […]

  • Who’s using the Search Bar anyway?

    While browsing to Yahoo! this bar on top struck me. Click to enlarge: Apparently Yahoo! is promoting the Search Bar, which is standard issue in Firefox. Guess they want us to change the default Google setting. 😉 This in turn made me think of the times I used that Search Bar. Probably once, the first […]

  • Google Buys Measure Map

    Official Google Blog: Here comes Measure Map: Bringing Measure Map to Google is an exciting validation of the user experience work I’ve been doing with my partners at Adaptive Path for years. By opening up the app to more bloggers through Google, we hope to help even more people become passionate about their blogs. Great! […]

  • Opera 9.0 Tech Preview 2

    Opera Labs: We’ve released a technology preview of Opera 9, codenamed Merlin, on Opera Labs. There are some very cool features we want you to try:  Widgets, BitTorrent, Customized Search, Content Blocker, Pop-up Blocker, Site Specific Preferences, Tab Thumbnail Preview. Robert Accettura’s Fun With Wordage » Blog Archive » Opera 9.0 Tech Preview 2: For […]

  • Finalists for the Extend Firefox Contest announced

    Extend Firefox Contest Finalists :: Mozilla Update: We are happy to announce the finalists in our Extend Firefox Contest, a contest held to award the best and brightest extension developers in the Firefox community. The contest asked entrants to create Firefox Extensions that are innovative, useful, and integrate with today’s Web services. Over 200 Extensions […]

  • Oops… Firefox Update Failed…

    Guess I’ll have to download the entire updated package. Oh well… better than an endless download/update loop. 🙂 Update: Well, it seems that the update also failed on my WinXP box. 🙁 Update 2: If you’ve found that your automatic update to Firefox went less than ideal, go visit Mike Beltzner’s blog. He’s […]

  • Internet Explorer 7: Beta 2 Preview available

    It’s public! So if you want to have a go take a look at the Internet Explorer 7 website. But before you do so, also take a look at the IEBlog: IE7 Beta 2 Preview Available Please send us your feedback on the IE7 Beta 2 Preview Please test your sites with IE7 Frequently Asked […]

  • Google Earth: Suspected Earth Impact Sites (KML)

    NOTICE: The KML has been updated. A while ago I found the Impact Field Studies Group: … The overall intent in forming IFSG is to bring together widely-separated researchers doing work at a variety of impact crater locations to share the observations and field experience for the common good of the impact community. What’s most […]

  • MediaWiki & Google Sitemaps update

    Just to let you know. I’ve done an update on the MediaWiki:Google Sitemaps script. So if you’re running a MediaWiki installation take a look at the script.

  • Olympic Imagery 2006

    The Winter Olympics 2006 in Turin are going to break loose some time next week. In case you didn’t know. In any case I just found out about the new ‘identity’ of The Games. Poynter Online is running a small story about the visual identity: Knowing Your Audience: Lessons from Olympic Imagery Where the story […]