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  • Is WordPress 2.0 that sluggish?

    Directly after upgrading this weblog, little over a week ago, I felt it was a little bit sluggish. Compared to the 1.5 version I was running before. Maybe it could be just the webserver as I’m running on a shared hosting solution. Therefore one of the neighbours could be having a party… again. 🙁 But […]

  • Learning 101 – IKEA style

    Don’t ask me how I got subscribed to Will’s Weblogg-ed. But reading today’s post on ‘Learning 101‘ leaves me with an ‘IKEA‘-feel to it. Especially: Use visuals! Use the filmaker (and novelist) principle of SHOW-don’t-TELL. Use “chunking” to reduce cognitive overhead. Don’t rob the learner of the opportunity to think! Context matters. … To name […]

  • WordPress 2.0

    Oh no, another upgrade. Now I’ve got one more thing to add to my to-do-list this holiday. 🙁 🙂 Download WordPress 2.0 *Add to to-do: Call bosses to ask for another week off. 😉 Update: Although there have been some reviews/critiques up, Matt himself has posted a lengthy post highlighting the … ehr … highlights […]

  • Other december 9 surprises

    Besides the release leakage of GE for Mac. take-over Like Yahoo! taking hold of Just as LookSmart did with Furl. Update: The take-over sounds a little strange to me as Yahoo! was working on it’s own with their My Web 2.0 BETA. Which can save ‘personal’ pages and tag them. We’ll see […]

  • Google Earth Mac Beta

    After an evening of trying out the non-public beta of Google Earth for Mac OS X I must say… YES! Finally. 🙂 I, and a lot of Mac owners, have been eager to run this piece of software on a Mac. And now we can. Not officially, because the download page at still mentions […]

  • Google Earth for Mac OS X around the corner…

    Or is it??? I’ve blogged about it before. Well, it was more a kind of ‘wishing out loud‘. But just yet the Google Earth fairy brought me a package. It looks, smells and tastes like a Mac app. Unfortunately I’m at work and my Mac is at home. So I cannot be sure. A quick […]

  • Firefox 1.5 released

    YES!!! The long awaited sequel is here. Get the official update of Firefox. It’s available on Windows, OS X, Linux and some 20 odd language versions. 20 times 3 makes 60, not? See all versions. This release comes with a revamped preference panel, tabbed browsing enhancements, loads of bugfixes, faster back- and forward, … in […]

  • Exploring the earth from your couch, part 2

    Imagine yourself sitting down on your couch in front of your television, as usual. A drink in one hand, the TV remote in the other. Don’t worry, the chips are within reach. Within the press of a button, or two. You spin up a three dimensional globe and with the directional buttons on your remote […]

  • Google Analytics… *Big Yawn*

    So 48 hours after launch the site is at least reachable. But still no data to analyse. Thus no comparison. A vague memory begins to boil up, I have never, ever, seen any Urchin report before. Although previously encountered hostingproviders offered them… (I’m starting to see a trend here…) It’s beginning to look like, as […]

  • Happy Birthday Firefox

    A year ago, to the day, Firefox 1.0 was launched. So I guess a ‘happy birthday’ is in order. 😎 In the past year this little app shook up the browser world. Among some of the things accomplished are, in no particular order: Grab a larger than 10% marketshare. Exceeding the ‘promise’ made at launch. […]