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  • Using Furl for almost a year.

    I’ve been using Furl for almost a year now. In fact it was Jul 23, 2004 at 23:13:58 GMT that I ‘furled’ my very first furl: Furl – How to Save. Using it on a daily basis, I collected some 500+ interesting, funny, need-to-know, nice-to-know or what-else public links. Not much compared to others, but […]

  • Google Earth :-/

    In a totally non-webdev way I’ve let my blog down for a ‘couple o’ days’. Why? That damn Google Earth virus caught me… I advise, anyone with some time on their hands, not to install the damn thing. First there was Google Maps. Before that, Google acquired Keyhole. Now they give you this piece of […]

  • Google Toolbar for Firefox

    Google has released an official beta, what isn’t beta from Google these days, of their toolbar for Firefox. Previously this was only available for IE-users. Get the toolbar at: Furthermore they’ve released two more extensions: Google Send to Phone: Send text-messages of web-content (U.S. only!) Google Suggest for Firefox: Get search-term-suggestions right in the […]

  • FeedBurner’s Link Splicer

    People viewing my feed will be relieved as of today. I will no longer use the FeedBurner ‘Link Splice’ option, which added my Furl into the main sites webfeed. Why? I was getting fed up by the constant ‘there’s a new item’ notice in Bloglines and FeedDemon. Also, I don’t see an added value merging […]

  • MediaWiki and Google Sitemaps

    As I could not find an extension or script specifically for MediaWiki that would automatically deploy a Google Sitemap, I thought, why not build one myself? And in the process try and learn some PHP on the way. So here’s my result: It’s submitted to Google as of yet. Let’s see what it’ll do. […]

  • To Watch: Microsoft to Add Ordered List support in RSS?

    Microsoft has a history of inventing proprietary things. So when I found this announcement on C|Net I was a bit sceptical at first. What’s the deal? It appears Microsoft will announce an extension to RSS (2.0?) today at Gnomedex for a better support of ordered lists in feeditems. Big deal! Everybody is putting lists in […]

  • Tabbed browsing in IE is here

    Well, you’ll have to download and install the MSN Search Toolbar first. But this is the official Microsoft add-on to IE that does make the browsing experience tabbed right now. No longer do you have to wait for IE7. Plus you get the added bonus of desktopsearch, auto form fill and a popupblocker. And it’s […]