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  • Hell hasn’t frozen over, yet…

    I know Apple didn’t mind if anyone were to install Windows (XP) on their new Intel Macs. But actively making it feasible by themselves? Apple – Boot Camp: More and more people are buying and loving Macs. To make this choice simply irresistible, Apple will include technology in the next major release of Mac OS […]

  • Which Browsers matter in 2006?

    If you are planning to build or rebuild a site this year you may wonder at some point which browsers you should support. If not, you should! Just looking at your new design in IE 6 is no guarantee it works and behaves the same in any other browser. Not that long ago the browser […]

  • Google Earth Mac Beta

    After an evening of trying out the non-public beta of Google Earth for Mac OS X I must say… YES! Finally. 🙂 I, and a lot of Mac owners, have been eager to run this piece of software on a Mac. And now we can. Not officially, because the download page at still mentions […]

  • {Canvas} demo

    If you’re viewing this post with a release candidate of Firefox 1.5, take a look at the below <canvas> demo. For now, you can only walk through a maze from a first person perspective. But it runs smooth and looks pretty impressive. See the “3D Walker” demo on Canvascape PS: It is rumored to work […]

  • Exploring the earth from your couch, part 2

    Imagine yourself sitting down on your couch in front of your television, as usual. A drink in one hand, the TV remote in the other. Don’t worry, the chips are within reach. Within the press of a button, or two. You spin up a three dimensional globe and with the directional buttons on your remote […]

  • Google Earth for Mac, developers wanted…

    Or so it seems. Google wants a Senior Macintosh Developer – Mountain View and/or a Macintosh Developer – Mountain View. I suggest any Mac-developer have a go and bring us… Google Earth for Mac. 🙂 You may be very familiar with some of our desktop products including Google Earth, Google Desktop, Picasa, and Google Talk., […]

  • Apple iBook. On Second Thoughts.

    It’s officialy a month ago since I bought my 12″ Apple iBook. Coming from a WinTel world I must admit, it has been an overall positive experience. But there also have been some quirks I haven’t got used to. So here’s a short list of things I hate or love about my Mac: Dashboard is […]

  • Comparing Apples and Lemons*

    So how do you compare an Apple running OS X with a Windows based PC? Many a flame-war has started over this matter. Just a few examples: Apple geeks will tell you any PowerPC 0wnz Intel. But it seems Intel 0wnz Apple soon. Microsoft alledgedly has copied the Mac interface, in fact it was a […]

  • Apple iBook. First impressions.

    It has been a couple of days since I collected my iBook from the store. Mind you, it is my first personally owned Mac. And it has been fun exploring a new OS and fiddling with all the options on the machine. In fact it still is fun. 🙂 Everything I’ve thrown at it so […]

  • Small is better part 2

    Keeping my fingers crossed. The local Mac center is keeping aside a new generation 12″ iBook for me. So right after work it’s to the shop. Can’t wait… 🙂 Oh and the trusty work laptop returned from the lab. New screen, new HD, new Mobo. I think the only original part may be, well, the […]