Small is better part 2

Apple iBook 12" Keeping my fingers crossed. The local Mac center is keeping aside a new generation 12″ iBook for me. So right after work it’s to the shop. Can’t wait… 🙂

Oh and the trusty work laptop returned from the lab. New screen, new HD, new Mobo. I think the only original part may be, well, the keyboard. 😉

So hopefully tonight I’ll be back in business. 1280×1024, 256Megs and 500MHz isn’t fun any longer.

Update: Small definitely is better! 🙂 (A review to follow soon)

Small is better

As you may or may not know currently my trusty workhorse is in repair. Unfortunately it doubled as my ‘personal’ laptop. During the day I worked on it for my clients and in the evening I did some personal stuff (mostly browsing). The past week I had to rely on e.g. my girlfriend going to bed early so I could abuse her system. 🙁

This got me thinking. As ‘my’ laptop may return today or tomorrow or whenever. How about a system I could use for some browsing/blogging/etc. from the couch? A secondary up to date laptop with a small form factor. Something like a 12″ Apple iBook. 🙂
Added bonus: As a I develop on wintel I always have to ask Mac-people to check my work for me. Owning a Mac myself would surely help.

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