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  • The Google Browser: Google Chrome (beta)

    Looks like the Browser Wars have been rekindled with this new kid on the block. Yes, Google released their oft rumoured browser in the wild.More info on the Official Google Blog: A Fresh Take On The Browser. And for the technically inclined there’s a comicbook explaining it all. Or skip the hoopla and take Chrome for a testdrive […]

  • MSN …ehr… Live Local Virtual Earth 3D (Beta)

    Local Live Virtual Earth 3D Apparently it’s live. A 3D extension to the map search of which lets you fly through their maps like a bird.

  • Watching the sea-level rise, virtually.

    Here’s an interesting Google Maps implementation: Flood Maps. What if the sea-level where to rise? .. Because the polar ice-caps are melting at an alarming rate … Would you be able to keep your feet dry? Now you can find out for yourself. (And maybe decide about that piece of real-estate you’ve layed your eyes […]

  • Major Google Earth Update (Maps to follow)

    Read all about it on the Official Google Blog: Happy Birthday, Google Earth: We got so excited around here about the first anniversary of Google Earth that we decided to celebrate a bit early. Beginning today, you can download a brand new version, Google Earth 4. Running on OS X? Feel the love. Prefer Linux? […]

  • Pizza in Europe?

    Lately there has been some news surrounding Google Maps. As a result I’m obliged to sum things up. ThinkLemon style, surely. First, it was called Google Maps (beta), then Local, and now Maps again. Probably because everyone was calling it Maps anyhow. The Google Blog explains more. Second, Maps has expanded to continental Europe. Finally […]

  • Maps & Directions

    The latest addition to the online mapping frenzy comes from none other than (that search engine that fired its card-bored butler remember?). At you can find maps and directions. A first glance may remind you of that other mapping solution. But … this one is aware of roads in the rest of the […]

  • Google Page Creator (Beta of course)

    Normally I wouldn’t blog about yet another new Google product release. Now would I? 😉 Hey, I’m not the Googleblog you know. But this time they’ve released a product that lets my mother create webpages in no-time, although I doubt if anyone’s waiting for another bridge-site. (Sorry mom. :-)) So what is it? It’s an […]

  • What’s it gonna be?

    I’ve been looking at this ‘Future Pagerank’ for some days now: ❓ What’s it gonna be? A PR 6? Level off on a PR 5? Or a penalty on a PR 1? I can’t tell from all the datacenters dancing around. Looks more exciting than an Olympic ice-dancing final. 😛 Anyway, Matt Cutts is awfully […]

  • Who’s using the Search Bar anyway?

    While browsing to Yahoo! this bar on top struck me. Click to enlarge: Apparently Yahoo! is promoting the Search Bar, which is standard issue in Firefox. Guess they want us to change the default Google setting. 😉 This in turn made me think of the times I used that Search Bar. Probably once, the first […]

  • MediaWiki & Google Sitemaps update

    Just to let you know. I’ve done an update on the MediaWiki:Google Sitemaps script. So if you’re running a MediaWiki installation take a look at the script.

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