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  • MSN …ehr… Live Local Virtual Earth 3D (Beta)

    Local Live Virtual Earth 3D Apparently it’s live. A 3D extension to the map search of which lets you fly through their maps like a bird.

  • Who’s using the Search Bar anyway?

    While browsing to Yahoo! this bar on top struck me. Click to enlarge: Apparently Yahoo! is promoting the Search Bar, which is standard issue in Firefox. Guess they want us to change the default Google setting. 😉 This in turn made me think of the times I used that Search Bar. Probably once, the first […]

  • Exploring the earth from your couch, part 2

    Imagine yourself sitting down on your couch in front of your television, as usual. A drink in one hand, the TV remote in the other. Don’t worry, the chips are within reach. Within the press of a button, or two. You spin up a three dimensional globe and with the directional buttons on your remote […]

  • Let’s make the Google API an open standard.

    Here’s a good idea: An open message to Microsoft and Yahoo, and major implementors of search engines: Please clone the Google API, without the limits.

  • Google Personalised Homepage getting more personal

    What didn’t deliver is what Google is taking a step further already. A Google Personalised Homepage in your native language with ‘local’ information sources. ‘Aboot’ the announcement: While Seattle’s pretty close, I’d prefer to have the actual weather for Victoria — and have it in Celsius. Now I can, because today we expanded the […]

  • Windows Live Beta. Don’t bother…

    As the rest of the world is doing right now, I was going to drop my two cents on the new Windows Live Beta. But in this context Beta means Broken. Severely! It doesn’t work in Firefox, but worse, it also borks in IE. If you ask me, it’s a rush job. Because the hotshots […]

  • Google Blogsearch & Webfeeds

    At first look there are no orange XML/RSS chicklets in Google Blogsearch. But if you look at the bottom of the page just above the pagination there’s this line where you can subscribe to either an Atom or RSS feed for the search results. E.g.: “Thinklemon” search results in Atom and “Thinklemon” search results in […]

  • Just a thought.

    The present: Most people come to you via a search engine (probably through Google, although Yahoo! is on the return). Some people come via Technorati, Bloglines or other RSS feed engine. And some are family, friends, co-workers, affiliates, … the people you meet in real life. All 6 of them. 😉 Given the state of […]

  • Talk Digger – Blogpost Metasearch

    Talk Digger is a (beta) service that let’s you search for your blogposts instantaneously in the likes of Bloglines, Technorati, BlogPulse, PubSub, Icerocket, Feedster, BlogDigger, MSN Search and Google. It returns the number of occurrences with details on click and a trend. You can use a bookmarklet, enter a URL or make a direct link. […]

  • MSN Virtual Earth Beta

    MSN could not stay behind longer so they released their own Google Maps called MSN Virtual Earth. Both can display maps and/or satellite imagery. Both offer ‘local search’. Both use somewhat of the same navigation tools. But IMHO it’s not the ‘Google killer’ yet, but see for yourself. Pizza in Redmond: Virtual Earth vs. Google […]