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  • What’s that animal?

    What’s that animal looking over the shoulder of MS IE RSS-team member Amar Gandhi? Full video over at Channel 9. See 22 minutes in. (185Meg WMV. NOT linked directly.) 😉

  • Corporate Egosurfing, or how to get market info for free.

    Keeping track on what is being said in the media is somewhat of a luxury for big companies. They can afford to allocate people and time in special departments (PR, Communications, …) to track the news, journals, internet, measure campaign effectiveness, etc. Smaller family run companies don’t have that kind of resources. Their time is […]

  • Tabbed browsing in IE is here

    Well, you’ll have to download and install the MSN Search Toolbar first. But this is the official Microsoft add-on to IE that does make the browsing experience tabbed right now. No longer do you have to wait for IE7. Plus you get the added bonus of desktopsearch, auto form fill and a popupblocker. And it’s […]