Windows Live Beta. Don’t bother…

Windows Live Beta LogoAs the rest of the world is doing right now, I was going to drop my two cents on the new Windows Live Beta. But in this context Beta means Broken. Severely! It doesn’t work in Firefox, but worse, it also borks in IE.

If you ask me, it’s a rush job. Because the hotshots already had their little get-together planned. I can imagine a ‘Live Team’ developer’s first reaction: “They are going to do WHAT?!?!?!? %@^&%@$”. (Probably not far from the truth. ;-))

Just take a look at and than at the all new launched See any familiarity?
That’s because they are, in fact, the same. Take a look at the page source… Hello Atlas. Looks like someone just did a ‘find & replace’.

So if I may roundup the current state:

  1. = = google fusion = my yahoo. A.k.a. a ‘portal solution’. I’m not up for this niche, but some might.
    Note the footer of this site is not an officially supported site. it is an incubation experiment and doesn’t represent any particular strategy or policy. Aha!
  2. As a plus you could, as a ‘customer’, build upon Windows Live with ‘gadgets‘.
  3. Scott doesn’t get it. As does Mark. But according to Robert this isn’t about just the portal. Its about, or how is going to be the new Microsoft search. And a Microsoft ‘Adsense’. And webmail. And an online virusscanner. And …
    Someone found out that DNS changes aren’t accomplished ad-hoc and/or building a portal upon MSN Search with all the ‘Kahoona’ is not going to happen any time soon. (IMHO: overdemanding people who control the money and time… you cannot live without them… :-()
  4. There’s also an Office Live. More nothingness.
  5. There’s a new messenger. Windows Live Messenger. As if the confusion between Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger wasn’t enough.

IMHO: Rounding up the roundup. Live is the new XP. It’s a marketing word. Everyone keep their pants on. We won’t be seeing anymore of it this year. Maybe in 2006. My guess it’ll be all revealed at launch-time of Windows Vista.

So there you’ll have it. My two euro-cents… 🙂

Google Earth: Impact Structures Continued

Impact IconIt has been over a month since I’ve released the first ‘impact structures’ network link for Google Earth, showing you the top 25 largest impact craters on earth. And it has been quite succesfull. (It’s in the top 3 most requested items off

So, after the release of ‘impact structures by continent‘ it’s now time for a fresh new release: impact structures by age. One for the most recent and one for the oldest…

If you don’t care about the rest of the story, here are the KML/KMZ downloads:

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Google Maps on your site. The easy way!

So you’re quite taken with all the mapping tools around. Everyone, and their mothers, has a nice ‘maplet’ on their blog. And now you want one too. (If not? Imagine that you want one too…)

Your option(s) untill now:
Choose an API like the Google Maps or Virtual Earth API, read up on the documentation, code, test, code, test, …, put a ‘maplet’ on your page. Hope for the best.

That was untill now, because the good people of Tagzania have made it as easy as copy-paste for the rest of us.

Just pick a spot on Tagzania, describe, tag and save. If you’re happy, just click the ‘Paste this map on your site’ button. Copy the generated code and paste it in your site.

Like so (no it’s not an image, click on a marker):

How simple is that? Go to Tagzania or read up on the Tagzania blog first.

Pagerank update. Whoop there it is!

It has happened again. The Pagerank award ceremony happened overnight. And it served me well. From PR 1 to PR 5.

Oscar mode:

Thank you Google. And my audience. Words fail me to express my gratitude.


Ok everyone, let’s get those servers at ‘Technorati‘, ‘Blogsearch‘, ‘Icerocket‘, ‘…’ smoking with our stats… 🙂

If you do care to leave your stats below. I won’t mind. Remember ‘rel=”nofollow”‘.

Google Earth for Mac, developers wanted…

Or so it seems. Google wants a Senior Macintosh Developer – Mountain View and/or a Macintosh Developer – Mountain View. I suggest any Mac-developer have a go and bring us… Google Earth for Mac. 🙂

You may be very familiar with some of our desktop products including Google Earth, Google Desktop, Picasa, and Google Talk., the description says. Well, GTalk I can connect to with iChat for now. Picasa? iPhoto comes with the system. Google Desktop? There is a thing called Spotlight & Dashboard that come with Tiger already. So that leaves one much desired piece of software left… If I may trust my stats, it is the most requested item today. Though you may want to inquire with the Zeitgeist people upon application. 😉 (Found on Is Google Gearing Up for a Mac Software Assault?)

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Google Earth for Mac, alternatives

It seems a lot of Mac owners, like me, are anticipating the arrival of the Google Earth client for Mac. Alas… it is nowhere in sight. 🙁 But do not despair. Actually, there are alternatives available, here’s three I can think of. ‘Virtual PC for Mac‘, ‘Remote Desktop Client for Mac‘ and ‘Google Maps‘.

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Yahoo! Site Explorer Beta

Site Explorer Beta is open for public:

Why is this search different?

Site Explorer allows you to explore all the web pages indexed by Yahoo! Search. View the most popular pages from any site, dive into a comprehensive site map, and find pages that link to that site or any page.

Now if someone can explain me how to view the most popular pages from my site, please do! Furthermore I’m a little underwhelmed, because I’m not sure what this form of search could be usefull for.

Google Earth: Impact Structures Goodness

Impact IconA few of you noticed that I’ve released some more impact structures/craters for your enjoyment in Google Earth. For those who don’t… I’ve released all 172 impact structures on earth, nicely categorised by continent or, if you want, just the top 25. Take your pick from the box on the right.

So what do you get? An overview of all the confirmed impact structures on this planet’s surface, including a description (with link to Wikipedia) and an indicator of the estimated size.

How to enjoy?

  1. Download Google Earth and install.
  2. Click on a ‘view’ of your choice. (box on the right)
  3. Wait a little for GE to show the craters and then select details from the newfound impact structures folder.

Feedback is welcome and be sure to keep an eye on the Google Earth page here.

Google Earth for Mac

What’s keeping you (Google) guys?

I know, 5% of an audience isn’t much of an audience to reckon with. And I could just whip out my Dell to play with GE. But as mentioned at launch:

Apple Macintosh computers are not supported at this time (but we are working on it).

I know 1,5 months isn’t a lot of time, but is there any sight of an alpha or preview or ‘proof of concept’? It’s just that I am becoming a little impatient. 🙂 (I also know that it’s Googles practice to be silent untill beta-release :-()

I’m becoming even more impatient seeing a new release of Google Earth (for Win) every other week:

There is a new installer available as of Saturday night, Sept 17th. It will be made available via check-for-updates on Monday:

GoogleEarth-0616.exe (works for both Plus and Free)


Feedback is appreciated

(Lifted from the Keyhole Community)

BTW: I think I’ve blogged Google quite enough already. Time to spend some time on Microsoft or Adobe/Macromedia… Or maybe Yahoo’s GMail killer.

Update (12/9/05 23:45 GMT+1): This post is officially obsolete. As of today there’s definite proof Google is working on a Mac OS X version. The non-public beta version has been circling the internet pretty much all day. See Google Earth for Mac OS X around the corner…

Commercial ads inside Google Earth

Here’s something I noticed lately. Advertisement through placemarks.
I saw a few of these placemarks passing by on What struck me was that they are blatant commercial placemarks. Whether they were put together by GE enthousiasts or not.

A few examples:

Although their info is on a board (GEH), the same info is not included in the placemark itself. A missed opportunity if you ask me.

Anyway. I’m not saying this is bad perse. Maybe someone travelling around asia needs a place to sleep or somebody wants to dive off a dam. Who knows. But this makes me wonder what else you could do to use GE to ones commercial advantage. Please don’t let it be spam.