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  • Who’s using the Search Bar anyway?

    While browsing to Yahoo! this bar on top struck me. Click to enlarge: Apparently Yahoo! is promoting the Search Bar, which is standard issue in Firefox. Guess they want us to change the default Google setting. 😉 This in turn made me think of the times I used that Search Bar. Probably once, the first […]

  • Other december 9 surprises

    Besides the release leakage of GE for Mac. take-over Like Yahoo! taking hold of Just as LookSmart did with Furl. Update: The take-over sounds a little strange to me as Yahoo! was working on it’s own with their My Web 2.0 BETA. Which can save ‘personal’ pages and tag them. We’ll see […]

  • Yahoo! Local Maps Beta

    Yahoo! Maps is offering a Beta version which is based on Flash! – shock & horror – What were they thinking? 😉 I do like it. It’s snappy, looks good and simply works. (hearing that MS?) Go see the Yahoo! Maps Beta for yourself. For instance check out the ubiquitous “Pizza in Redmond” sample. Hover […]

  • Let’s make the Google API an open standard.

    Here’s a good idea: An open message to Microsoft and Yahoo, and major implementors of search engines: Please clone the Google API, without the limits.

  • Windows Live Beta. Don’t bother…

    As the rest of the world is doing right now, I was going to drop my two cents on the new Windows Live Beta. But in this context Beta means Broken. Severely! It doesn’t work in Firefox, but worse, it also borks in IE. If you ask me, it’s a rush job. Because the hotshots […]

  • Yahoo! Site Explorer Beta

    Site Explorer Beta is open for public: Why is this search different? Site Explorer allows you to explore all the web pages indexed by Yahoo! Search. View the most popular pages from any site, dive into a comprehensive site map, and find pages that link to that site or any page. Now if someone can […]

  • Just a thought.

    The present: Most people come to you via a search engine (probably through Google, although Yahoo! is on the return). Some people come via Technorati, Bloglines or other RSS feed engine. And some are family, friends, co-workers, affiliates, … the people you meet in real life. All 6 of them. 😉 Given the state of […]

  • Yahoo! Finance & Corporate Egosurfing

    Yahoo! Finance now offers Company News via RSS. Great for some Corporate Egosurfing. 🙂 Just go to the Yahoo! – Company News via RSS page, enter your stock symbol or symbols and cut & paste the generated feed in your aggregator of choice. See also: Corporate Egosurfing, or how to get market info for free.

  • Corporate Egosurfing, or how to get market info for free.

    Keeping track on what is being said in the media is somewhat of a luxury for big companies. They can afford to allocate people and time in special departments (PR, Communications, …) to track the news, journals, internet, measure campaign effectiveness, etc. Smaller family run companies don’t have that kind of resources. Their time is […]