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  • ThinkLemon Reset: Part 1.1 – Code Cleanup and Validation

    After having thrown out the CSS last month, I’ve been messing with the templating code that make up this WordPress theme. Though the default Kubrick theme is great, it took me a while to get all bits sorted out. Some cleaning up, re-arranging, looking up, inline documenting, debugging, etc. led to what you’re looking at […]

  • WordPress Posts, Pages and pagination

    While rummaging through the WordPress theme code I stumbled upon this vague function call ‘link_pages()‘. Not knowing what is was or did, I looked it up in the documentation. And it seems that WordPress can paginate (lengthy) posts out-of-the-box. Great! But while the difference between a post and a page can be confusing for WordPress […]

  • Visualising the DOM for fun

    The Document Object Model, or DOM as it is known better, is usually visualised as a tree. For instance with the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar or DOM Inspector / Firebug for Firefox. But there are other more fun ways, like Aharef did.

  • ThinkLemon Reset: Part 1 – Bye bye CSS

    Once in a while one’s got to do the opposite. Instead of filling this site with cruft like CSS and scripts, I felt like going back to the roots. Plain ol’ HTML and getting it right, once and for all… * I don’t know if spring has anything to do with it, but it seems […]

  • “Sanka, you dead?”

    “Ya man.” 😉 (Cool Runnings, 1993) Why such a post-title, you ask? For one I haven’t updated the site for a while. Well, I haven’t posted in a while, been doing some behind-the-scenes-stuff though (fixed the 404, changed the background, updated to WP 2.0.2, positioned some impact craters, etc.). So it’s about time for a […]

  • @Fred: Trackbacks vs. Pingbacks

    The thought did pass my mind to clear up the confusion about trackbacks and pingbacks. But ‘Doe Niet Zo Moeilijk!‘ (Warning: Naidurlands gesproiken! ;-)) has an elaborate explanation for the taking. Although it doesn’t seem to take track-/pingbacks itself… Anyway, I thought I’d just ping you back. 😉

  • Google Page Creator (Beta of course)

    Normally I wouldn’t blog about yet another new Google product release. Now would I? 😉 Hey, I’m not the Googleblog you know. But this time they’ve released a product that lets my mother create webpages in no-time, although I doubt if anyone’s waiting for another bridge-site. (Sorry mom. :-)) So what is it? It’s an […]

  • What’s it gonna be?

    I’ve been looking at this ‘Future Pagerank’ for some days now: ❓ What’s it gonna be? A PR 6? Level off on a PR 5? Or a penalty on a PR 1? I can’t tell from all the datacenters dancing around. Looks more exciting than an Olympic ice-dancing final. 😛 Anyway, Matt Cutts is awfully […]

  • Google Earth: Suspected Earth Impact Sites (KML)

    NOTICE: The KML has been updated. A while ago I found the Impact Field Studies Group: … The overall intent in forming IFSG is to bring together widely-separated researchers doing work at a variety of impact crater locations to share the observations and field experience for the common good of the impact community. What’s most […]

  • WordPress 2.0 Cache Is Broken!

    As of version 2.0 of WordPress you’ll get a caching feature, which means it’ll ‘remember’ the most frequent accessed static information from your blog. This way it’s supposed to not bother the database but make a ‘fast trip’ to the server to fetch these pieces of info. In the end this should make your weblog […]

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