ThinkLemon in *Alpha* stage 2

I’ve just finished setting up my FeedBurner feeds. No site can go without it. Well… if you just prefer to scan your serverlog(s) for anyone consuming your feed(s), than it’s OK. For me it’s just a bit cumbersome to filter out the good stuff. Unfortunately my provider doesn’t support AWStats, instead it only provides Webalizer. So I need to keep a track on what’s been watched. (I don’t like watching my serverlogs every hour or so)

FeedBurner is just like any ol’ visitor counter, but just for feeds (Atom, RSS, RDF). It fetches your feed(s) and tracks who’s consuming and clicking trough. So it’s ideal for tracking your most interesting posts, if they are reading your feed instead of your site. In addition FeedBurner can make your feed browser-friendly, splice your Furl/Del.Icio.Us/Flikr stuff right in there, etc., etc. And best of all it gives you insight into what kind of aggregators are being used, how many click-throughs you have and more.

* To-Do: Make disclaimer not being affiliated to any service mentioned…

Furthermore, I’ve included StatCounter on every page available up here on Personally it’s not quite THE visitorcounter I’ve envisioned. But hey, it’s free and it show you your search engine traffic quite nicely. It’s just a shame you can only track the last 100 pageviews.

Therefore I present you my feeds:

Don’t worry about the rest. I’ll track you through StatCounter >:-)


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