The zombies are here

Dawn of the DeadThe zombies are here and multiplying. Quick! Grab your baseball bat! Fortunately zombies are slow creatures muttering ‘Whoooooowhooooo’. They generaly have a lethargic look, look pale, miss limbs, … So they are easy to spot.

No they’re not. According to Cyphertrust, never heard of them before, their numbers are rising 170,000+ a day. Just take a look at their ZombieMeter. How’s that for a clone army… Palpatine eat our hart out! Quick math: 170k per day. How long to reach 600 million?

So you ask yourself, this isn’t about some sunday-afternoon-I’m-bored-let’s-watch-some-video stuff? You’re right. This is serious stuff. It makes me wonder what if I don’t already have a zombie-seed running around my laptop. Just waiting for the final signal from an obscure IRC channel to attack some helpless website that pissed somebody off. Or worse, sends thousands of emails claiming v!agra is the cure to everything.


… what bothers me. I don’t get paid for being a zombie. 🙁


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