Pingback/Trackback testing tool

A person I know, that will remain anonymous, has problems receiving trackbacks. So looking around Google I found this site: Red Alt – Ping-o-Mation

What it basically does is:

This tool checks to see if your blog has recently pinged Ping-o-Matic, or has sent a trackback to RedAlt.

So what do I have to do? Simple:

First, test to see if outgoing trackbacks and pingbacks from your site to other sites work. To do this, create a new post on your blog. In that post, create a link to this URL:

So to make sure I place a link to that probably shows nothing, but makes sure a ‘ping’ is sent.


In the Trackback field of your post editor, add the RedAlt Trackback URL:

Done. So here’s the post and hopefully my outgoing pings/trackbacks have worked. To see I need to go to the site and enter my URL.

Update: Check! My blog can send pings & trackbacks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now some more investigating…

Please ignore.

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8 responses to “Pingback/Trackback testing tool”

  1. RedAlt Test Trackback

    This is a trackback test sent by RedAlt. If you have received it, trackbacks are working on your site!

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