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In the previous post I said that Google Sitemaps will accept your feeds just as well. And it does, no worries. But as I looked further into the dynamic generation of sitemaps I found there were WordPress plugins already available. (Just 3 days after the service went public. How’s that for a user community …)

Currently I have Arne Brachhold’s Google Sitemaps Generator v2 Final running. All I had to do was upload the plugin, activate it, make an empty sitemap.xml writable and I was up and running. You’ll get an extra administration page after activation where you can set a whole lot of options. We’ll see how this one fares.

If that plugin doesn’t work for you. Dirk Zimmermann also has a plugin, although that one didn’t work out for me as I have my WP in a subdir (presumably).

People using Movable Type may want to look at Niall Kennedy’s Weblog.

Update: Arne Brachold’s Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress just bumped up to version 2.5. Good stuff: 1. you can now add external pages that aren’t generated with WordPress. 2. The plugin pings Google to notify them of an update. 3. The plugin has become multi-lingual.

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  1. Well Blogger (blogspot) people are out of luck. Or are they? Remember is owned by Google. So I think they won’t be left in the cold. Although there hasn’t been any real update to Blogger in a while.
    I’ve seen Blogger blogs rank very high on Google.

    I suggest you get a cheap hosting plan and use Blogger to post to your site. That way you’ll have the convenience of online blogging and you’ll have the option to put any file you want online. (Yes, Google Sitemaps supports your Atom/RSS feed for submission)

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