MediaWiki and Google Sitemaps

As I could not find an extension or script specifically for MediaWiki that would automatically deploy a Google Sitemap, I thought, why not build one myself? And in the process try and learn some PHP on the way.

So here’s my result:

It’s submitted to Google as of yet. Let’s see what it’ll do. …

2 responses to “MediaWiki and Google Sitemaps”

  1. I liked the output of the script – could I get a copy?

    I couldn’t figure out how to view the script itself without getting the output.


  2. Hi Steve,

    I’ll try and fit the source in the reference part of the site. If I can. You’re not the only one looking for it. 😉

    Anyway, it still is a first try for me at PHP, MediaWiki & MySQL. So it might not work for your particular situation.

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