Pizza in Europe?

Google Maps Logo Lately there has been some news surrounding Google Maps. As a result I’m obliged to sum things up. ThinkLemon style, surely.

First, it was called Google Maps (beta), then Local, and now Maps again. Probably because everyone was calling it Maps anyhow. The Google Blog explains more.

Second, Maps has expanded to continental Europe. Finally I’d say.
Not only are there more high-res images available, but also streetlevel maps where there used to be ‘greyness’. Take for instance this spot on the Dutch coast (Scheveningen). One could almost spot the make of the cars. Btw, Earth also features these high-res aerials and you can zoom in a wee bit more. ๐Ÿ™‚

And now for *drumroll* the pizza-test! As it is said in ‘mapland’: “The proof is in the pizza“. So how does a European fare when he/she’s hungry? Well it seems you need to live in a metropolitan area to still that hunger. See for yourself: Pizza in Paris, Berlin, Turin, Amsterdam, Naples, Lisbon and Moscow. To put it bluntly, everyone but the Russians, Dutch and Portuguese will be fed.
Wise move to have anticipated and included Napoli for historic reasons! ๐Ÿ˜‰

All in all not a bad score, but it’s still in need of some (actually a lot) of work. Makes you wonder how someone, hypothetically speaking of course, could partner with Google Maps/Earth to enrich the local information…

Hello Tagzania! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now that Europe’s ‘almost’ on the map and Tagzania (the of maps; sorry for that… I’ll go rinse my mouth with soap in a minute.) has several native European languages available, it must be a breeze for any European to add stuff to Google Maps (or other maps if you like). Currently offered are Spanish (+dialects), French, Polish, Portugese, Dutch and German. Not counting English, of course. If you care to contribute to translate it in your own native tongue see the ‘translation’ page.

Though I am interested how one could partner on a business level with Google to enhance GMaps (locally)…

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