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  • Set a Firefox 3 download record at Download Day 2008

    Always wanted to set a Guinness World Record? Well, now you can by simply downloading the soon to be released version 3 of the Firefox webbrowser. You don’t even have to install it. A download will suffice, thank you. But while you’re at it, why not give it a try. How do you participate? Go […]

  • does not equal 2.0.0.*?

    Here’s a weird Firefox add-on installation error-message: Looks like Firefox 2.0.0.x isn’t the same as Update: Fixed it with some notes from AMO a.k.a. version-number hacking.

  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Released

    Logo Firefox And another official one down! Less than a week ago Microsoft upped their browser to a 7.0 version. This time it’s the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox is now a 2.0.

  • Get Firebug!

    if ((bWebDeveloper || bWebDesigner) && bFirefox) { try { var oNewExtension = new cExtension(); oNewExtension.fetchXPI = fnFetchURL(“”); oNewExtension.installXPI(); if (oNewExtension.success) { console.log(“Firebug installed successfully.”); var oFurtherOptions = getElementById(“divTellUser”); oFurtherOptions.innerHTML = “About FireBug” oFurtherOptions.innerHTML += “FireBug Screencast” oFurtherOptions.innerHTML += “FireBug Overview” } } catch(e) { throw “Next time Gadget, next time!” // Take a look at […]

  • Firefox ACID2 compliance on its way

    Now, after Safari, iCab, Konqueror & Opera 9 beta, it’s Firefox’ turn to comply with the ACID2 test. David Baron has built a special development version of Firefox that fixes some rendering issues that kept it from complying before. You can see the screenshot of ACID2 in action on his Flickr account. Now, why is […]

  • Extend Firefox Contest Winners

    The grand prize winners of the Extend Firefox competition are in. One of them is the one I use on a daily basis. In fact it’s the biggest reason why I’m using Firefox as my main browser. Props to Chris! 🙂 But IMHO the Web Developer toolbar is only usefull for us web developers (and […]

  • Who’s using the Search Bar anyway?

    While browsing to Yahoo! this bar on top struck me. Click to enlarge: Apparently Yahoo! is promoting the Search Bar, which is standard issue in Firefox. Guess they want us to change the default Google setting. 😉 This in turn made me think of the times I used that Search Bar. Probably once, the first […]

  • Finalists for the Extend Firefox Contest announced

    Extend Firefox Contest Finalists :: Mozilla Update: We are happy to announce the finalists in our Extend Firefox Contest, a contest held to award the best and brightest extension developers in the Firefox community. The contest asked entrants to create Firefox Extensions that are innovative, useful, and integrate with today’s Web services. Over 200 Extensions […]

  • Oops… Firefox Update Failed…

    Guess I’ll have to download the entire updated package. Oh well… better than an endless download/update loop. 🙂 Update: Well, it seems that the update also failed on my WinXP box. 🙁 Update 2: If you’ve found that your automatic update to Firefox went less than ideal, go visit Mike Beltzner’s blog. He’s […]

  • Which Browsers matter in 2006?

    If you are planning to build or rebuild a site this year you may wonder at some point which browsers you should support. If not, you should! Just looking at your new design in IE 6 is no guarantee it works and behaves the same in any other browser. Not that long ago the browser […]

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