ThinkLemon in *Alpha* stage 3: TO-DO list

Now that I’ve taken some days off between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, this is a good time to look at and think about this site. Since May I started some things that are still unfinished. Not to mention the things I haven’t even begun with. Just to keep track on all of it, a to-do list would be nice. And in this day and age of blogging: Why not make it public? So there you go.

ThinkLemon in Alpha

  1. Find a graphic to go along this post.
  2. Design an identity for this site.
  3. Apply new design to MediaWiki skin & document the process for others.
  4. Upgrade Google Sitemaps for MediaWiki to version 0.3
  5. Expand the site. Give it more direction. Fill in the gaps. Weed out the bad.
  6. Upgrade the software used. Find out if others need upgrading.
  7. Google Earth Charts…
  8. Rethink past year & plan the next. (Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes ;-))
  9. Get personal (start an ‘about’, give this site a face).
  10. Write stories instead of blurbing news.
  11. Social obligations…
  12. Write about WebDev with Firefox (long due). Tools for fixing your site.
  13. Rethink/-order categories.
  14. Find out whether OPML has any use here.
  15. Evaluate all the statistical stuff
  16. Do some blog-rolling
  17. Photocasting?

* in no particular order.

Add. 2: The current ‘design’ is a quick fix to make a 3-column-scalable layout.

Add. 6: WordPress 2.0 installed, check! Plugins, check!

Add. 11: The Christmas festivities are over, New Year’s Eve left. 🙂

Add. 15: Stick with StatCounter/Google Analytics/BBClone/MyBlogLog/… or simplify?

Add. 16: It’s time to give some credit to the sites who link to me or I find interesting.

Add. 17: No ThinkLemon podcasts or vidcasts. Ever. That’s a promise! What about photocasts/phodcasts/piccasts?

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