RE: Adobe looking for a Gecko expert

Adobe, formerly Macromedia That is what the below job offering says. But I’m not quite sure what it is they’re building. Remember the Adobe & Macromedia merger? So it’s quite obvious that the the product lines of both will be merged. Meaning Flash and PDF …

Position Summary:

You will join a small, highly motivated team developing a new client platform that incorporates Flash, HTML, and PDF technologies. Your primary responsibility will be architecting and implementing the integration of the Gecko HTML engine into the platform. This will require understanding a complex codebase, collaborating with and contributing to an open-source development community, and maintaining a focus on project goals.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Broad knowledge and extensive experience developing in the Gecko/Mozilla/FireFox codebase
  • Strong C++ skills
  • Windows and/or Macintosh development skills a plus
  • Experience working in small teams a plus

So what does it mean? Is Adobe working on their own browser (based on Gecko)? (Gecko is the ‘engine’ under Firefox/Mozilla/Seamonkey/Camino/Netscape/Flock/Minimo/…) Well, there’s mention of a new client platform in which the Gecko HTML engine will be incorporated. For now I can only think of a desktop app… At least they’re thinking cross-platform (no mention of Linux though).

BTW: I found this on Glazblog. And he reccons it’s “A new embeddable Gecko-based HTML+Flash+PDF rendering engine”.

Personally, I’m thinking about two main issues: The size of the player/plugin and the speed at which it starts up. Flash wins. Or is it they’re working to embed Flash and an HTML rendering engine into the PDF ‘platform’? More plugin goodness, ehr…

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