@Fred: Trackbacks vs. Pingbacks

The thought did pass my mind to clear up the confusion about trackbacks and pingbacks. But ‘Doe Niet Zo Moeilijk!‘ (Warning: Naidurlands gesproiken! ;-)) has an elaborate explanation for the taking. Although it doesn’t seem to take track-/pingbacks itself…

Anyway, I thought I’d just ping you back. ๐Ÿ˜‰


3 responses to “@Fred: Trackbacks vs. Pingbacks”

  1. Actually, _receiving_ pingbacks and trackbacks isn’t a problem, it’s the sending part that has issues (mostly with port 80 outgoing seems to be firewalled shut).

    Just to get things straight: you _didn’t_ pingback/trackback me, right? Because if you did, I have even worse issues than I thought.

  2. Pingback, Yes. Trackback, maybe. (There’s no ‘trackback-link’ on your blog, I could find just yet.)


    (Maar je hebt me wel gevonden. Dus op track-/pingbacks hoef je ook niet erg te vertrouwen.)

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