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  • Google Sitemaps (Beta)

    To let webmasters help Google index their site better there is Google Sitemaps. Sounds like a good idea. So how does it work? First you need to have a Google account (having a GMail account is probably enough). Second you need to create a Sitemap file in the root of your site. This is an […]

  • Pingback/Trackback testing tool

    A person I know, that will remain anonymous, has problems receiving trackbacks. So looking around Google I found this site: Red Alt – Ping-o-Mation What it basically does is: This tool checks to see if your blog has recently pinged Ping-o-Matic, or has sent a trackback to RedAlt. So what do I have to do? […]

  • Viewing WAP sites with Firefox

    In a follow up to my previous post about RSS2WAP I got curious. Is there a Firefox extension available that would enable me to view WAP sites? Well, yes there is! The wmlbrowser extension makes Firefox a fully-fledged WAP-browser. (See screenshot of the CitiWiz WAP site to the right) Although every mobile device will present […]

  • RSS2Wap: Turn your feeds into WML.

    Over at Fred is plea-ing that webloggers should care more about mobile devices (Dutch only). Although the number of mobile devices is rising and the technology for delivering content to those devices has been around for years, I still haven’t gotten any experience developing for mobile. Sure, my phone contains a WAP-browser. But the […]

  • The zombies are here

    The zombies are here and multiplying. Quick! Grab your baseball bat! Fortunately zombies are slow creatures muttering ‘Whoooooowhooooo’. They generaly have a lethargic look, look pale, miss limbs, … So they are easy to spot. No they’re not. According to Cyphertrust, never heard of them before, their numbers are rising 170,000+ a day. Just take […]