Netscape 8 released

Get Netscape 8 BannerApparently the latest version of the Netscape browser, version 8, was released thursday. I don’t know if it’s any good. It has the ability to show webpages like IE or Mozilla Firefox does. Whichever you prefer. So when you get stuck on a page you can switch to ‘IE’.

I think I’ll just stick to my Firefox, because Netscape 8 is based on version 1.0.3 of Firefox. You know, the one with the big security exploit.

Update: Netscape got wise and released a new version (8.0.1) within 24 hours of initial release. Apparently they forgot to squash some 44 bugs. But this time around they’ve got “all Firefox security patches up to 1.0.4”. Shall I wait another 24 hours before trying myself? 😉

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  1. My E-Mail to Netscape

    Hi Netscape,

    I called 866-541-8233 to disconnect my service and I thought I would have a very pleasant experience like I’ve have with other utilities when I notified them I wanted to disconnect

    Your charging me a disconnect fee. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING.
    My other utilities do not charge a disconnect fee.

    You block popups from other sites but you annoy people with your own popup.

    E-Mail. When I compose a message and I hit enter it will double space.
    NO word processor double spaces when you hit enter.

    I have sent several comments to you but you did not have the courtesy to acknowledge my E- Mails

    Therefore I will tell every one I know about the wonderful experience I’ve had with

    Before you screwed every thing up with Netscape 8.1. The old Netscape 7.1 worked fine.
    I could save my urls by going into Netscape file and save the folder “Bookmarks” to disk.
    I had local control.

    I guess you won’t acknowledge this letter either. I’ll look for a blog.

    After going thru all this, I still have to call on the 20th to disconnect.
    All other utilities will accept a future disconnect date.

    Bill Hoey

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