Commercial ads inside Google Earth

Here’s something I noticed lately. Advertisement through placemarks.
I saw a few of these placemarks passing by on What struck me was that they are blatant commercial placemarks. Whether they were put together by GE enthousiasts or not.

A few examples:

Although their info is on a board (GEH), the same info is not included in the placemark itself. A missed opportunity if you ask me.

Anyway. I’m not saying this is bad perse. Maybe someone travelling around asia needs a place to sleep or somebody wants to dive off a dam. Who knows. But this makes me wonder what else you could do to use GE to ones commercial advantage. Please don’t let it be spam.

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One response to “Commercial ads inside Google Earth”

  1. it is even worse. There are some incorrect information in google earth (see Sinai peninsula. What is actually Nuweiba is named Akaba. Fatal mistake!)
    The ad on a place wrongly spelled as ras a’satan (right ras el shattein: “Head of the 2 beaches mispronounced as Ras a’shatan”) is harmful to the place since drug use is illegal in Egypt.

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