Google Earth for Mac

What’s keeping you (Google) guys?

I know, 5% of an audience isn’t much of an audience to reckon with. And I could just whip out my Dell to play with GE. But as mentioned at launch:

Apple Macintosh computers are not supported at this time (but we are working on it).

I know 1,5 months isn’t a lot of time, but is there any sight of an alpha or preview or ‘proof of concept’? It’s just that I am becoming a little impatient. 🙂 (I also know that it’s Googles practice to be silent untill beta-release :-()

I’m becoming even more impatient seeing a new release of Google Earth (for Win) every other week:

There is a new installer available as of Saturday night, Sept 17th. It will be made available via check-for-updates on Monday:

GoogleEarth-0616.exe (works for both Plus and Free)


Feedback is appreciated

(Lifted from the Keyhole Community)

BTW: I think I’ve blogged Google quite enough already. Time to spend some time on Microsoft or Adobe/Macromedia… Or maybe Yahoo’s GMail killer.

Update (12/9/05 23:45 GMT+1): This post is officially obsolete. As of today there’s definite proof Google is working on a Mac OS X version. The non-public beta version has been circling the internet pretty much all day. See Google Earth for Mac OS X around the corner…

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15 responses to “Google Earth for Mac”

  1. It’s very disappointing that there’s no mac version of GoogleEarth yet. I had the opportunity to use it on a friend’s PC, and was looking forward to installing it on my mac. That’s when I discovered the bad news. I feel deglected.

  2. I’m realy want the MAC version too.
    I’m realy want the MAC version too.
    I’m realy want the MAC version too.
    I’m realy want the MAC version too.

  3. Hey guys guess what! You need to get VPC. When we purchased macs we understood that we would have to run MAC software. This isn’t the only app we would like to run that is “WINDOWS ONLY” So get VPC, and stop griping about it!

  4. @Michael: True. But for many a mainstream Windows-only-app, there’s a Mac alternative or equivalent (games excluded). In the case of Google Earth there clearly is no native Mac application that let’s you ‘fly’ around a 3D earth. Fluently perusing continents, then zooming into a specific beach (spotting towels) and zipping of to the south-pole discovering islands never heard of before.
    I certainly haven’t discovered something equal or alternate. I’m not even talking ‘extensibility’ here.

    Some people have suggested Google Maps (now Local) or FlashEarth. But that still only is 2D. A flat representation of the world, so no travelling through mountain ranges or subduction zones. 2D Maps have been on the web for ages.

    These are some reasons I’d like to see GE on the Mac. And Virtual PC is one way to go.
    But you’ll need a hefty Mac to run it smoothly.

    Keeping an eye on my stats I can tell you ‘Google Earth for Mac’ is THE most requested item (couple of thousand unique requests and going). So there definitively is a market for this.
    As for other ‘Windows-only’ apps … which specific kinds are you refering to? Petition anyone? 🙂

  5. oh cmon google guys….when the google earth version for mac will be released…i am dying to use gr8 GE on my Mac (again gr8) ….any tentative dates of release….or any alternative to use GE on mac……Plz let me know….

  6. Hello Google Earth Team,

    Congratulations for the work you are doing with these programas, amazing

    We are very interested in Mac OSX version !!

    Thank you.

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