Other december 9 surprises

Besides the release leakage of GE for Mac.

Del.icio.us take-over
Like Yahoo! taking hold of del.icio.us. Just as LookSmart did with Furl.
Update: The take-over sounds a little strange to me as Yahoo! was working on it’s own del.icio.us/Furl with their My Web 2.0 BETA. Which can save ‘personal’ pages and tag them. We’ll see where this goes…

Portable Firefox
Portable Firefox is ‘dead’, long live PortableApps.com. Great initiative John! 🙂
Now if you ever did care to walk around with your browser, office suite, media player, image editor, OS, *whatever you want*, on a USB Stick? take a look at this site. Most of it is *geek* stuff, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless.
BTW @John, did you ever have a chat with Bart Lagerweij? It seems to me you are both working in the same direction.

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2 responses to “Other december 9 surprises”

  1. Hadn’t chatted with him. We have a bit different directions. I’m a fan of LiveCDs, but they aren’t always appropriate. You can’t always reboot a machine. (Work, Net Cafe, your mom’s desktop) The Portable Apps are more appropriate for when you can’t. Though you can do some great things with Bart’s PE stuff and the Linux LiveCDs like Knoppix and Ubuntu Live when you can reboot.

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