Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Released

Logo Firefox And another official one down! Less than a week ago Microsoft upped their browser to a 7.0 version. This time it’s the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox is now a 2.0.

Yes, improved tabs, RSS discovery, looks, spell-checker for form-fields with downloadable dictionaries,… Get Firefox. If you dare.

I wonder how many extensions are borked this time. Let me tell ya in a minute…

Update 0:10: Read about it, commented, downloaded (~5MB), blogged about it, installed and blogged about it in 15 minutes flat. I’m happy.

Update 0:30: Lots of extensions are broken, as expected. In no particular order:

  • Add N Edit Cookies
  • Bloglines Toolkit
  • Feedview (Made obsolete by the feed handling of Firefox)
  • Furl Tools (Smell of abandonware)
  • Google Pagerank Status
  • Live HTTP Headers
  • Livelines (Made obsolete by the feed handling of Firefox)
  • SwitchProxy Tool (AAAAaaaaahhhhhh!!!!)

Apart from the SwitchProxy and Furl Tool those are extensions I could live without for a week or so. Now begins the ‘updated/hacked extension hunt’. *sigh*
BTW: Extensions are found under ‘Tools’ > ‘Add-ons’. It took me a little while to figure out.

Update 0:35: I had to disable the FAYT-feature as it borked my WordPress editing screen. But then I had to enable it again after a restart to be able to edit. Weirdness going on.

Update 0:45: Damn it! *Mental note: Do not move your cursor to the right hand corner of Firefox. Just use the red cross on the tab itself.*

Update 6-11-06: I’ve found a hacked version of SwitchProxy for Firefox 2.

Update 11-11-06: Jeremy says his server’s been hacked. Therefore there’s no SwitchProxy update. But you can find his blog at at the mozmonkey subdomain. (The main domain is still unreachable.)

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  1. As for your extensions, you can install the Nightly Tester extension to disable extension-compatibility checking. I used it to get older extensions working …

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