Viewing WAP sites with Firefox

Screenshot CitiWiz WAP site.In a follow up to my previous post about RSS2WAP I got curious. Is there a Firefox extension available that would enable me to view WAP sites? Well, yes there is!

The wmlbrowser extension makes Firefox a fully-fledged WAP-browser. (See screenshot of the CitiWiz WAP site to the right)

Although every mobile device will present the content visually different, this is a nice interpretation of what you can expect. Further pro’s in no particular order are:

  • Cut development time by serving up pages locally instead of uploading every change to your WAP site.
  • Develop in your favorite browser. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Browse your site using a mouse instead of a quirky phone-keyboard.
  • No telco costs.
  • No slow connection.
  • No need to install a, buggy, third-party WAP-browser.
  • Browse *any* WAP-site there is. Ringtone anyone?

You can get the extension from Mozilla Update.

5 responses to “Viewing WAP sites with Firefox”

  1. Alas, as the wmlbrowser maintainer I have to admit that it’s far from complete in its ability to browse WML. But I’m glad that people are finding it useful.

  2. Well, for me its feature set is more than enough right now. Before, I couldn’t even view a WAP-site. ๐Ÿ™‚